2017 VDF 'Pétillant Naturel'

Chapuis et Chapuis

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A pet-nat made from 100% organic Grenache, from Sabran, Côtes du Rhône. Zero SO2.

Very fresh and vibrant to say the least. Cotton candy? Just that French smell. Very clean. I get strawberry and cream lolly smells on the nose, but in a very pleasant and restrained way. This is all sour cherry on the palate, and the acidity lifts in that direction. And there’s a slight sweetness, that is balanced by the sourness. This is so nice to drink – bubbles are good, balance is good, high energy and just yummy! Love the tartness. So much energy in the length. Zings forever! All about the balance of sweet and sour. Damn, so good! Strawberries, sour cherry, pomegranate, icy freshness. This just makes you feel really good.

Côtes du Rhône
2017 PŽtillant Naturel