2019 AOP Coteaux Bourguignons rosé

Chapuis et Chapuis

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Gamay, sourced from two different plots in Couchois. One is sandy, one is clay and limestone. Aged in old barrels for 6 months. Zero SO2.

Very pale colour, Clean nose with a gentle reduction. Delicate, not too powerful aromatically in the beginning, but opens up with time. Refined. Unripe strawberries, pink florals, mineral and salinity notes are delicate, but add interest. Limestone seems quite prominent. Decent texture as always, with sweet fruit, and a gentle acidity that takes over gracefully. It is quite long. Dry to taste, easy and more-ish. So smooth. Minerality kicks in on the backend as well. Perfect for summer. Much nicer than your average rosé. Smells very chalky. Very delicate tartness keeps it in check. So smooth, nice balance between tart, sweet fruit, acidity and minerality.

Coteaux Bourguignons
AOP Coteaux Bourguignons
2019 AOP Coteaux Bourguignons rosé