2021 AOP Coteaux Bourguignons rosé

Chapuis et Chapuis

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It's 100% Pinot Noir this year, with fruit from the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. Slow direct press into tank. Then aged in old barrels for 6 months. Not fined or filtered. 10ppm SO2 added before bottling.

Almost light red in colour like Ploussard. Notes of berries, candied apple and a savoury edge from the stems. Lots of freshness in the mouth, with plenty of flavour and a nice bitter edge. Sweet cherry and raspberry fruit, fine tannins and medium acidity. Nice tart finish, with a little herbal note that adds another dimension. Pass the charcuterie...

Coteaux Bourguignons
Pinot Noir
AOP Coteaux Bourguignons
2021 AOP Coteaux Bourguignons rosé