2015 AOC Champagne 'Les Basses Croix et Les Gillis'

Emilien Feneuil

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Brut nature. Blanc de blanc. 100% Premier Cru Chardonnay (75% from Sermiers and 25% from Écueil). Élevage in old barrels for 11 months. Aged in bottle for a further 2.5 years. Zero dosage.

Smells like the most amazing refined Burgundy. Chardonnay at its finest. A little bit of butter, a little bit of biscuit, a smidge of lemon and honey, some bread, some salt – all more in a delicate essence form than protruding in any way. The bubbles are minuscule and crystalline. They attack sharp and then decimate into tingly energy that feels like the sea washing gently on to the shore. The length is impeccable. These are wines of finesse and purity, rather than big and bold. The subtlety is remarkable. Again it feels like staring at the stars. Medium plus acidity, salinity for days, and a sensation of relaxation washes over you. This is calming and brilliant, another meditation wine. Sometimes with champagne you end up with harsh edges – this has none. Complete smooth sailing to the final drop. My favourite so far, a masterpiece.

AOC Champagne
2015 AOC Champagne 'Les Basses Croix et Les Gillis'