2015 AOC Coteaux Champenois 'Chamery Blanc'

Emilien Feneuil

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Please note - this is a 500ml bottle. 100% Petit Meslier. A still Champagne. Aged in old barrels for 19 months. Very rare and very special - Only 12 bottles came to Australia. An incredible experience.

Wow. This is a show stopper. Perhaps the purist white wine I have ever tasted. A true meditation wine - when you drink it, you feel different. Goose bumps. It really brings you into the present moment, and you feel calm. It is ultimately pure, and very long. It is super clean and so precise. The sensation is like after you've licked an icy pole. It almost seems glacial in a sense. The flavours are subtle and refined - but it has lots of lime and yuzu, delicate blossom aspects, a gentle saltiness, and lots of minerality. It is stunning and sublime to say the least. There is a gentle texture, and the acidity is reasonably high, but well balanced. And it goes on and on for ages. A wine to drink between 1-3 people, and slowly over an evening. This is super rare, and extremely impressive. Words can't really do this wine justice. There is nothing else quite like it... it is quite simply perfection in a bottle.

Petit Meslier
AOC Coteaux Champenois
2015 AOC Coteaux Champenois 'Chamery Blanc'