AOC Champagne 'Seconde Nature - Rosé de Macération' (SNR17)


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From the 2017 harvest. Brut Nature. 100% Premier Cru Pinot Noir from Chamery. 18 hours maceration before pressing. Fermentation and then aged for 9 months, with 1/3 in amphora and 2/3 in old barrels. No fining or filtration. The wine was then bottled with second fermentation initiated by cultured yeast. A further 18 months in bottle before disgorgement. Zero dosage and zero SO2. 12% alc. Note: Best to drink this from a wine glass, rather than a Champagne flute - you will enjoy it much more!

I love the colour of this, very light and transparent. It is at once super inviting. Lifted light red fruits and berries, essence of roses - this is gentle on the nose, as with all his wines. Subtlety and elegance. Fresh and crisp, light sea breeze, a touch of fresh baking. To taste the balance is impeccable. It’s effortless to drink, not a challenge in anyway like a lot of champagnes. The same notes of raspberries and more strawberries on the palate, with hints of red apple. Delicate pink petals, watermelon, strawberry shortcake, and a light chalkiness. The bubbles which are tiny and fizz on your tongue long after you’ve swallowed, are ever-so slightly saline in their delivery. So graceful, the flavours are light but linger. It's not packed to the brim with depth, but a more refined drink that begs you to search deep to discover its character. If you want something easy that goes down a treat and makes everyone happy, this is for you.

Pinot Noir
AOC Champagne
AOC Champagne 'Seconde Nature - Rosé de Macération' (SNR17)