2015 AOC Fleurie 'Sex Appeal'

Julie Balagny

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Normally Julie makes 3 cuvées from her organic Fleurie parcels, but in 2015 there were not enough grapes, and so she has only made one. The wine had 10 days in tank, before being transferred to old barrels of various sizes, to complete a very slow, nine month ferment. The wine was bottled in April 2017 with no SO2.

Quite big due to the vintage. The nose is ripe, but quite complex. What gets me about this wine is the texture - it's like nothing I've ever tried - kind of magical and ethereal. The complexity unfolds in the glass, and the wine is very dreamy and more-ish. This isn't a light smashable Beaujolais, but a bigger style that reflects the vintage. In saying that, it is still superb to drink. So many flavours and so complex. But man, the mouthfeel of this wine is soimething else!

Fleurie AOC
2015 SeXappeal