2016 AOC Fleurie 'En Rémont'

Julie Balagny

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En Rémont is the lieu-dit, in which Julie has 3.2ha. This wine is made from the oldest vines, which are 100 years old - grown on granite mixed with pebbles and sand, and another parcel of granite and quartz. 6 weeks cold carbonic maceration, then 6-7 months in old barrels. No fining or filtration, bottled by hand, and then sealed with bees wax. 4000 bottles produced. Zero SO2.

As soon as you pour this into the glass you will become excited. The colour is light red and luminous, and beckons you to taste. But before you do - smell - wow! This is so pretty and lifted - macerated wild strawberries, hints of negroni and heavenly aromas that instantly relax you and make you feel good. The texture of this wine is something else. It has that sweet fruit, strawberries prominent again, and it is just so dreamy. Drinking this is like floating in the clouds, all your worries disappear, and everything is alright. Don't worry about tasting notes - this is about feeling and emotion. It will put you completely in the moment, and stop conversation at a table, before re-igniting it in good vibes. This is a wine that you could drink over and over (I am guilty), and never get tired of. You could chill this if you like, but not too much as you want to smell those aromas. This wine is not polished - it is soulful, full of character, and ultimately friendly. The opposite of serious, just a gentle wine to enjoy and watch as it puts a smile on everyone's face.

Fleurie AOC
2016 En RŽmont