2020 VDF 'Simone'

Julie Balagny

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Very occasionally, Julie makes this cuvée from a small section of her Fleurie parcel. The last time she made this was in 2014. The fruit comes from her oldest vines, which grow over quartz. The grapes are cooled for 24 hours and then undergo 5 weeks carbonic maceration, The wine is raised in old barrels for 10 months. Not fined or filtered, and no added SO2 at any stage. Made in painfully small quantities, the allocation for Australia was tiny. This is rare.

Dark nose with notes of carob, tamarind and exotic spice. Red apple, cherry and tobacco come with air. The fruit lightens too. Smooth and creamy on the palate with hints of tobacco. It is a deeper wine, made for winter and food. Cherry fruit, and an unctuous grainy texture – no sweet candy here, more serious and wise. Roses are coming after one hour. More layers appear in the glass. Very serious and deep, and one to age. Drink slightly chilled.

2020 VDF 'Simone'