2017 AOP Saint-Romain 'Vieilles Vignes'


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Grapes purchased from a friend with a parcel called Combe Bazin. This is a north-west facing vineyard with a very high limestone content and has been certified organic for over 15 years. Direct press into tank to begin ferment, then transferred to old barrels to complete ferment and age for one year.

Aromas of pears, limes and limestone. Amazing texture, with lots of pear, nectarine and honeydew (not sweet). Nice tingly limestone piano keys play across your tongue. Hint of white pepper. Very smooth, very gentle. Tastes like nashis, nice lemon drops and apple. It has the texture, but not the big creamy oak intense texture. Refined, but still ample. Some crème brulee, lots of white nectarine. So good on day 3. This is the most linear and restrained of all the whites, one of my favourites.

AOP Saint-Romain
2017 AOP Saint-Romain 'Vieilles Vignes'