2017 Gaillac AOP '6 filles si fines'


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Loin de l'oeil from 40-year old vines, Mauzac from 15 year old vines. Harvested by hand, direct press into fibreglass tanks, under goes malolactic fermentation. Zero SO2.

Honey, herbs in breeze, almonds, white florals and that limestone element. Beautiful mouthfeel, delicate texture, medium acidity that creeps, and nice tannins that lie in the background beating their drum softly. Very bright, nice apple and lemon notes, followed by the minerality – quite detailed. Lights up in your mouth. Such good mid-palate weight. A touch of ginger, plus really nice savoury edge. Quite complex, very fresh, very detailed - juicy, but lined with delicate tannin and limestone tension.

South West
Loin de l'oeil, Mauzac
Gaillac AOP
2017 Gaillac AOP '6 filles si fines'