2018 VDF 'docteur Buchaille' (Magnum)

Julie Balagny

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Julie has 0.7 hectares of old vines in Moulin-à-Vent, planted in 1913 - here the soils are granite and quartz. And the wine is named after her neighbour, who helps out in the vineyards. He's a bit of a gun apparently. 3 weeks carbonic maceration, then raised in old barrels for a year. Not fined or filtered. Zero SO2.

Boom! What aromas! Deep and sexy, so much power yet so pretty. Strong and confident. Blackberries and boysenberries mixed with cocoa and hints of cigar. This smells like a mix between 16 and 17 with a hint of 15. Dark red roses, some ozone, and super pungent yet lifted. Texture is dreamy as per usual, waves of creamy silkiness drift across the tongue. Layers unfold. Then a bit of sneaky back alley cigar and char hint their way in, but only just. The fruit and multifaceted layer system is impeccable. The sweet fruit lingers. So much depth for a wine that is relatively light in comparison to what it suggests. No one makes wines like Julie. Tannins are grainy, charcoal influence is noted, and it is rugged and pretty at the same time. Love it. There is a reason I ordered the most of this cuvée...

2018 VDF 'docteur Buchaille' (Magnum)