2018 VDF 'en remont'

Julie Balagny

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This wine is made from her oldest vines in Fleurie, which are 60 and 100 years old - grown on granite mixed with pebbles and sand, and another parcel of granite and quartz. 6 weeks carbonic maceration, then raised in old barrels for a year. Not fined or filtered. Zero SO2.

Much darker in style. Lots of tamarind and chocolate in the beginning, as blackberries make an appearance later on. The taste and mid palate is thick, but the wine is not heavy. Everything is loose knit and dreamy. Love the gentle hint of volatile, just to lift it. Lots of spice, some charcoal, black fruits and tamarind. This is very, very tasty. Went incredibly well with Embla's beef and pine mushroom pie, what a combo. It is more of a colder weather wine. Nice tannin, quite charcoal-y. Acidity lingers, medium. Decent structure. It’s funny cause it feels like it’s not organized, but no one else makes wines that taste like this – in a very good way. I prefer this style as it is so unique and soulful, where as a lot of other wines are predictable and too regimented. Every time you take a sip you notice something different. Full, deep, delicious.

2018 VDF 'en remont'