2018 VDF 'Jardin du Poira' rouge

Les Jardins de Theseiis

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100% Pineau d’Aunis from 10 year old vines. 20% whole bunch, macerated for 16 days in tank. Aged for 10 months in old barrels. Bottled by gravity. Zero SO2.

This is one of the best Pineau d'Aunis I have ever tried - and I don't say that lightly. Pineau d'Aunis can take many forms. This goes into the light-medium category. The perfume is incredible. It's expressive and so inviting. Some examples can be intense and volatile - this is gentle and pure, and offers red roses, strawberries, wild forest, gentle spice and an assortment of red fruits. Everything about it is refined. It's a dream to drink this. The flavours are so well balanced. The fruit is quite crunchy, and while it is light and easy, it displays depth and has very gentle tannins. Its premium fine boned structure adds to its detail and complexity. It's very clean, and very well made. The smell is so pleasant, and it evolves beautifully. Delicate incense and white pepper chime in. Whether you are a fan, or are new to the variety, this is a must try. Those who were lucky enough to obtain this is from 2017 will know. No heavy handling - just gentle and elegant. For something quite light, it has a nice texture with excellent flavours. So silky to drink, with medium acidity, and overall immense freshness. Serve this chilled, not too cold though. It's seriously good.

Loire Valley
Pineau d'Aunis
2018 VDF 'Jardin du Poira' rouge