2016 VDF 'AK400'

Domaine la Taupe

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100% Gamay. 20% whole bunch, short maceration in fibreglass. Transferred to old barrels for 18 months. Not fined or filtered, bottled by gravity. Zero SO2.

Completely explosive aromas, so fragrant – energy city. Floral, with exotic spices, wild berries, cocoa dust, and something mystical – like the 2015 but even more expressive! This is when zero SO2 is excellent, because the aromas are completely free and enhanced, and in this case just intoxicating. To smell this wine could be enough. But then to drink it, boom! Fresh and clean, lots of blueberry fruit, and very fine detailed tannins. The acidity stretches out, and lets all the other elements play their part alongside it, while it conducts the length. As with all of bruno's wines, the texture is gentle and it's just so easy to drink. It's friendly. And you will drink it way too fast probably... but hey, this magic potion can only be good for you!

Loire Valley
2016 VDF 'AK400'