2016 VDF 'Bruno, Bert & Co'

Domaine la Taupe

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100% Côt. 20% whole bunch, short maceration in fibreglass, then aged in old barrels for 18 months. Not fined or filtered, bottled by gravity. Zero SO2.

Here we have the darkest of the reds in the collection, but the wine is still extremely bright and fresh. This is the complete opposite of your big Argentinian soupy Malbec. Where AK400 is blueberries and Carnix strawberries, the aromas here lean more towards boysenberries. They are again super fragrant and expressive, heavenly to smell. It's very supple to drink, and quite bright in the mouth. The wine is quite juicy with that wild boysenberry fruit, and has extremely good acidity - but it also has this extra layer of almost dark rock minerality which adds another layer of complexity to it. You can drink this on it's own, but I think it's more of a food wine - and whatever you eat, it will heighten the experience for sure!

Loire Valley
2016 VDF 'Bruno, Bert & Co'