2017 AOP Saumur 'Amandiers'

La Folle Berthe

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Chenin Blanc. Heavy frosts destroyed a lot of fruit in 2017. However, the quality of what remained was excellent. Amandiers is a vineyard surrounded by Almond trees, and David has kept the name as a sign of respect to the previous owner who also made a cuvée with the same name. The parcel is made up of silt with quite a high limestone content. Soft slow press, then fermentation and élevage in tank for 24 months. 20ppm SO2 added 3 months before bottling.

Clear colour, nice and light, leaning towards golden. Honey and limestone, macadamias, green apples, blossoms and lemons. On the palate it is very crisp and fresh, with a lean texture that gently coats the mouth. Lemon, green apple and delicate honey mist. A straight wine, with beautiful tension that increases with oxygen. It is vibrant, pure and zippy. The mid palate is reasonably full, and the med-high acidity lingers forever. Finishes quite mineral and stony. Very stable.

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
AOP Saumur
2017 AOP Saumur 'Amandiers'