2017 VDF 'La Croix Hardie'

Thomas Batardière

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100% Chenin Blanc pét-nat. Grapes are from a small plot in Rablay called La Croix Hardie, made up of red sand, gravel and schist, with a clay vein running through it. The vines are 15-85 years old, and the grapes for this are picked early, coming from the first harvest. Two years in bottle before disgorgement. Zero SO2 at any stage.

Nice light colour, not too golden. Clean nose, very mineral and slightly saline. Gentle florals and freshly picked apples. Sharp, with tiny bubbles. Super crisp and dry, before the flavours kick in – subtle, with lemon, white florals, salts and minerals. There is a beautiful crisp apple flavour – not bruised. Tastes so pristine with massive flow on effect. And the way it unravels in the mouth is very crystal clear. This is nice and sharp, and clean, with beautiful acidity. Much drier with less residual sugar than the 2015. Absolutely pristine and fresh, rather than rich and oxy. Minerality for days. And very classy – not funky, it’s almost like Champagne in style. Just a minute touch of honey essence on the back palate to gently round out the sharpness. This is a seriously good pét-nat, one of the best I’ve ever imported.

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2017 VDF 'La Croix Hardie'