2018 VDF 'À Pierre Michel' (Magnum)

La Grange aux Belles

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100% Chenin Blanc. Previously they had leased this plot since 2012, and used the fruit for Fragile. In 2018 they bought the plot, after the former owner, Pierre Michel, passed away. They decided to make a special cuvée named after him, using just the grapes from this parcel. They have since ripped out the vines and will replant in 2021 with Chenin, Romorantin and Grolleau Noir. It is a beautiful schist terroir, and the original vines were planted in 1950. Aged in old barrels for 13 months. Zero SO2. Very special. Rare.

Beautiful chenin colour – Anjou light, but with yellow tinges. Big schist vibes on the nose. Smells razor sharp. Mineral mountain, snow, lime, apple, lemon, chiseled precision. The palate is young but drinkable. Electric and invigorating. Super vibrant. Lemon, honey, macadamia, lime, floral attributes. Zippy, but has enough texture so that it’s not piercing – I love this line of balance. Man the nose is so schisty and salty! Amazing acidity, land lively drive. So good! And this is about the 5th glass, so it has mellowed into something superb – seemed a bit intense initially, but quickly opened up. Love that lime fragrance and sharpness - rather than being too apple-y. Big tension on the finish, super mineral. It's so free and expressive with zero SO2. Very high quality, and pourable. Special occasion magnum.

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2018 VDF 'À Pierre Michel' (Magnum)