2018 VDF 'Fragile'

La Grange aux Belles

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100% Chenin Blanc – for this wine, they select the most yellow/golden grapes from all plots. Aged in old barrels for 12 months. Less than 10mg SO2.

Beautiful colour - luminous. Clean nose, ocean smell, sweet nectar, flowers and apples. A touch of honey, lemon and lime. Beautiful colour. Texture is richer, but the acidity is there to balance. Sweet fruit, loads of flavour. Extremely tasty, and very well made. This will keep everyone happy, and is such a good representation of the variety. The acidity is really nice – not too intense, but very present – and bright. Mingles nicely with the texture. More schist dominates the finish. Long, bright, lots of life. Sunshine and happy days. You could drink on it’s own, or with food. Even if you punch a whole bottle, there will be no palate fatigue, as this is super friendly. So good. Easy. Schist becoming way more prominent now. The whole wine is tightening up. Tastes awesome on day two. More subtle notes and refined flavours. Yum!

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2018 VDF 'Fragile'