2019 VDF 'Fragile V2'

La Grange aux Belles

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100% Chenin Blanc – for this wine, they select the most yellow/golden grapes from all plots. They usually take between 3-5 visits to select the perfect grapes. Aged in old barrels for 18 months. The V2 is the second bottling, where they decided to leave a portion in barrels for an extra 6 months longer than usual, to create a more complex wine.

Light colour. Clean nose, smells so good. Fresh apples, brioche and honey. Little ozone notes in the background. To taste it is textural and super smooth. Creamy, with apples, lime, honeydew and a mineral schisty finish. Pure and juicy with really nice lingering acidity. The fruit is plush and showy but not too ripe. Rich but fresh. Really superb balance, and overall an approachable style that will please everyone. Day 2 – beautiful texture and contrast between honey, lime and freshness. Great balance and very easy to drink.

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2019 VDF 'Fragile V2'