2018 VDF 'Pablo est au Bar'

Philippe Delmée

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100% Chenin Blanc. 30% macerated for a very short period of time, and 70% direct press. Aged in tank and old barrels.

Gently orange, only just. Schist, lemons, and mandarins. A tiny floral influence. It smells light and fresh, rather than heavy. You could say summery. Look like sunshine. A bit of salinity too. Tastes fresh, slightly salty, and is a little mandarin and sweet lemon fiesta in the mouth. Very smooth. Briny background. Apple freshness underneath the citrus. This is so good. I love that it has only had a gentle maceration, rather than big extraction. Summertime easy drinking 100!

Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc
2018 VDF 'Pablo est au Bar'